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So, You're Going to a Wedding Shower

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So, you’re going to a wedding shower.

Chances are you have more than one wedding shower invitation hanging on your fridge. Maybe even 3-5 if you are in your late 20s. As the bride opens gifts from her wedding registry that will someday fill her home, there are always a couple of gifts that pause side conversations as the bride opens with bright eyes. Let’s go through them, shall we?


This one is always a wedding shower favorite. It’s the one that everyone sees on the table and wants to peak into so badly. So how do you accomplish that full and eye-catching basket look? Easy, just pull a key item from the brides wedding registry and make a theme out of it.

Case in point, the moscow mule mugs. Buy the mugs and tuck all the ingredients for a mule into a basket, add a few personal touches and viola, she’s setting this gift aside to be used ASAP.


And for the bride who only has utensils left on her wedding registry. At first glance, totally boring, right? With a bit of creativity and color scheming, you just took a whisk and made it into a small wedding shower miracle.


You have 5 different wedding showers to go to. That’s 5 different wedding registries and too many stores. Sounds like a part-time job. Pop on over to Etsy and prepare yourself to “oo” and “ahh” over the custom wedding gifts.

The bride-to-be has probably been writing her new last name since the moment she got engaged (let’s be real, probably since the moment she fell in love with her soon-to-be hubby.) For the bride, there is nothing better then seeing her future last name on a custom piece. Cutting boards, wall décor, hangers, robes, pillows, mugs… you name it, someone on Etsy makes it.

Custom Cutting Board by J&J Engravery


The bride starts to puddle up, maybe she puts her hand over her heart, or maybe that look of awe brushes over her face. That my friends is when all of the wedding shower guests know, this is going to be good!

Get yourself a keepsake box from your local Home Goods, Target, or even a custom box from Esty. Add a special note directing the bride and groom that they aren’t to open the box until their one-year anniversary. Inside fill the box with questions that they can ask each other about the past year of their marriage, photos of them, and maybe even a gift card or two to their favorite date night spot. This box of goodies will become an anniversary tradition for the two as they celebrate their marriage year after year.


While wedding gifts and goodies are fun to look at, a nice wedding card with money is really going to set the bride and groom up financially. Whether they are buying a first time home, moving to a new city, or planning to start their family ASAP, money in their bank account can take some serious pressure off.

Try buying wedding cards online from small shops, they will be unique and cherished by the bride, plus your supporting small business! (We love these greeting cards from  Emily McDowell Studio.) Rest assured that most guests will bring a card with money. Now, let's just hope the bride has The Perfect Card Box for you to tuck your card into. 


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