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Latest Rustic Wedding Trends


As wedding season approaches, brides-to-be dig for inspiration on how they want their wedding to look. A popular wedding trend in the past that still stands today is the rustic wedding theme. But this year, the rustic wedding trend has transformed into rustic chic. The new trend is to have a rustic wedding decorated with natural elements while adding a touch of luxe.

A lot of couples today still like their rustic themed wedding to be at a barn. The good news is that you don’t have to have your wedding in a barn or on the country side to have a rustic wedding. There are many ways to incorporate a rustic feel into your wedding by bringing in elements such as wood, mason jars, and burlap that you can add to your wedding to match the country inspired rustic theme. Let’s get to the latest ways you can have a rustic chic wedding.


Cowboy Boots: A fun way to get guests involved into your rustic themed wedding is to invite them to wear cowboy boots as shoes to your wedding. Cowboy boots are also way easier to dance in at the wedding reception! Something fun for the bride to do is to wear cowboy boots instead of heels throughout the day. Cowboy boots come in colors other than brown and black, so there could be a pair that matches your wedding colors!


Rustic wedding bouquets usually have different colored flowers within one bouquet. For example, have your bouquet made of sunflowers and lavender. If you want your bouquet to be laid back, keep the stems open instead of covered up. 


The décor is the most important part of pulling off a wedding theme. In this section, we will go through the different elements that you can include throughout different places of your wedding to create a rustic chic theme.

Chalkboards: Chalkboards are a popular item to have at a rustic themed wedding. They can be used to write the menu on for dinner and cocktail hour, as a welcome sign, and they can be used as signs instead of the wood as well.

Wood: Wood is one of the top natural elements in a rustic themed wedding. You can use wood to create signs guiding guests throughout the venue, a rustic wooden card box for guests to place cards into, or you can even use wood slices as a part of your center pieces. Another way to integrate wood into your wedding is to get married under a wooden arch.

Lights: Including lights throughout your venue is a great way to get the luxe look. Hanging lights from the ceiling will create a glamourous rustic vibe to your venue.

Burlap: Burlap is another must have in your rustic themed wedding. A way to incorporate burlap into the theme is to wrap it around the chairs that are in the aisle seat. Add some baby’s breath into the burlap to chic it up. Another way to incorporate burlap into your rustic chic themed wedding is to cut the burlap into pendant shapes, and hang the burlap pendants from the ceiling of the venue.

Center Pieces

Natural Elements: There are many ways to include natural elements on your table centerpieces like branches, moss and flowers. If you like your center pieces to be taller, including branches in your centerpieces is a perfect way to do so. Moss on the table tops is a great way to add the color green to your tables. Add some lights with the natural elements to give off the luxe vibe throughout the venue.

Candles: A way to have candles included in your center pieces is to have the candles floating in mason jars filled with water. Add some twine wrapped around the mason jar to add a chic touch.

Stacked Wood: Wooden slices are very popular in rustic wedding centerpieces. You can have wooden slices that are flat and thin or tall and thick. A popular way to place them is to stack them, or arrange them in different heights, and have vases of flowers on top of them. 

Wedding Favors

Send guests home with a mason jar filled with a wedding favor. This could be anything like popcorn, candy, trail mix, or jam. This is a good gift to give to your guests so that way they will remember your rustic chic themed wedding.

These are only a few ideas that you could use for a rustic chic themed wedding. There are plenty of other ways to incorporate the basics of a rustic wedding and even more ways to make it luxe. I hope this inspires you to plan your dream wedding.

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